Well I have been told to do this for my Life Writing course at University and as it happens, it’s very fitting to how I am feeling at this exact moment. A much needed rant is brewing in my system and I am ready to let rip across this page. Something that bothers me an incredible amount is MEN! Now I have many important men in my life, most of whom I love very much, but they really know how to push my buttons. If you’re looking for someone to piss you off, get a man! I don’t understand why they think it’s ok to do the things they do; most of which are annoyingly unacceptable, if we acted this way they would certainly have something to say about it but because they are of the male species, they almost think it’s ok to be such wankers half the time. It’s like they have someone in their mind reminding them that it’s been at least a day since they’ve done something so ridiculously stupid. And the one time that you actually want to argue with them, the one time you want to let rip and let all hell break lose is the one time they won’t allow for it! That’s right, your blood is boiling and a massive row is on the cards, you really want to let them know how they’ve made you feel with their latest actions, your sleeves are rolled up and you’re ready for a fight. And what do they do? Hug you and apologise. No no no no! This is all wrong, what you really want is for them to shout at you and say some typical male comment that will give you a reason to call them every name under the sun, give them the finger and slam the door on the way out. But once those two fatal words have been spoken, the screaming match is no longer on the cards and you feel cheated by the lack of evil words that have been exchanged.

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