‘Til death do us part

After being asked to choose a song that I would like played at my funeral, I was stumped.  Do people actually think about these things?  It’s perfectly normal to think about important future events in one’s life, such as their wedding day but their death as well is something that I rarely come across.  After much deliberation and many minutes of searching through my iPod, I simply could not choose just one.  However, I did narrow it down to two songs that would be pretty damn awesome at a funeral:

The Temptations – My Girl:  This is on the list simply because it’s one of my all time favourite songs.  Because it isn’t a sad one that will make people want to jump off a building I feel it would be very fitting for a funeral.  I would hate my funeral to be something depressing, I believe they should be a celebration of the person’s life and all that was good about them.

Oasis – Wonderwall:  Again, this is for personal reasons only.  This song brings back many memories of my life, all different, and I feel it marks an important moment in my life so it would be cool to have this played for the benefit of others who shared those memories with me.

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